Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Flooding and Reinforcements

Well....with all the rain we've been having, I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later. Our power went out during a heavy rainstorm, which meant that the basement sump pump stopped, and the water came rolling in like an artisian fountain. It was nothing like those poor souls in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois are enduring, but it was bad enough. The worst of it was most of my wargaming stuff got soaked and drying it out may take a while. The scenic items took the worst of it (Cardboard buildings and Lichen trees), and it looks like I'll be rebasing a lot of miniatures, which means there might be repainting (Sigh!). On the other hand, I get to gut the entire basement and start over (After installing a battery powered back-up sump pump). The inspiration of an "Alte Fritz" like gaming area keeps shimmering before me like a glimpse of the Promised Land. Raubenstadt will arise from the primordial slime, better, stronger, faster than it was before!

On a happier note, I took Mr. Bill McHenry's advice and latched onto ten boxes worth of Zeveda's "Great Northern War" Swedish Infantry. The Squadron Mail Order guys were having a sale, and the addition of 430 new recruits has cheered the Markgraaf significantly. These are some great figures! Check them out on Plastic Soldier Review. Russian Infantry (The Opposition) are also available (They have no turnbacks and can be used to represent troops well into the 18th Century). Swedish Dragoons and Russian Artillery are scheduled to be released sometime this year. So there are Horse, Foot, and Guns in the works and I'm excited. I'm still waiting for my first Scruby light infantry unit, the Grunwald Jagerkorps, to arrive from HistoriFigs, but since I've waited decades for these guys, a few more weeks is nothing.'s on with the rubber boots and breathmasks. Fire up the wet/dry vac. Break out the bleach and spray bottles. Where did I put that crowbar?