Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Four Months and Two Hour Wargames

I can't believe it has been so long since I last posted anything! No excuses...but I felt there was nothing really worthy of being written up. I have been puttering away at painting figures (Still monitoring when HaT Industries will release their excellent looking 1/72nd Scale SYW Prussian Infantry. Soon now. Very soon! Their American Revolution series of sets look very good as well, but their [eventual] release is further off.); trying to keep up with Brigadier Grant's publications...I STILL NEED vols. IV and V of the Wargaming In History Series, all of the Wargamer's Annuals, the latest Mini-Campaign, and NOW the latest revisions to "The Wargame"! Sigh. Mr. Grant and company regularly blow great gaping holes in my wargaming budget.

Work on the basement continues as well. Water has been the bane of my existence. The lift pump decided it would be a good day to die and will need to be replaced. But when it rains it pours; the water heater croaked as well. (I suppose in solidarity with the lift pump.) Grumble, rumble, rumble.

Recently I came across a company called "Two Hour Wargames" out of Texas. They have a number of interesting game rules. I latched on to their set of one to one skirmish rules for the French And Indian War called, "Long Rifle". It's not overly complicated, but it has enough detail to give you a good feel for the period. As the name of the company implies a session can be completed in two hours or less. Check them out at Good stuff!