Saturday, June 6, 2009

Reading, Raiding, and 'Rithmatic

The Markgraaf has been pretty busy remodelling the basement (a.k.a. "The Mancave") and taking care of my brother. John's operations to repair his right wrist and left elbow went well. Some of the pins come out next week, and he's well on the road to full recovery.

So.....I was reading my copy of Brig. Grant's excellent booklet, "Raid On St. Michel", and I had one of those Eureka moments that happen so rarely. "Raid" is an excellent read, but it's kind of like eating a potato chip - it's tastes good, but one is not enough. Then I got to thinking (generally others can tell I am thinking by the burning smell that would remind one of cobwebs and old sawdust going up in smoke.) "Hey! Wait a minute! I've got 'Scenario's For Wargames', 'Programmed Scenarios', and 'Scenario's For All Ages' around here! Now that I've got a framework for minicampaigns, I'm only limited by my own imagination! Let the evil laughter and creepy organ music begin!"

Anyway, so now I'm pouring through the books; linking scenarios, and calculating how many troops would be needed for both sides. The results of these mental gymnastics have been put into a notebook. And on that glorious day when the "Mancave" opens for business, I'll have a narrative that will be worthy of those wargamers that have inspired me. Looking forward to the good times.