Friday, February 15, 2008

These Are So Cool!

Well.......I think I'm excited. The Post Office just delivered my first batch of Scruby Miniatures! More years ago than I care to recall, I spent many a happy hour pouring over ol' Jack's catalog, planning my miniature hordes in all the historical epochs. Unfortunately economic reality reared it's ugly head, and most of those cherished dreams (or delusions) remained only dreams; so my collection of genuine Scrubys was always very small, but remained the heart of my armies.

Time and tide rolled on, and I moved onto to other miniature lines. The plastic ones in particular were a good compromise between price, detail, and ease of painting. The well-thumbed catalog fell apart, and I remember reading in the Courier of Mr. Scruby's passing. I thought my opportunity to eventually order more went with him.

Jack may be gone, but thanks to the good folks at HistoriFigs of Portage WI, the moulds and his castings live on. I am now the proud owner of a Grant/Young SYW regiment of "True 25mm" Scrubys! There was hardly any flash to clean up. They painted up just as well as the Midieval figures of my youth. The detail may not be up to modern standards, but my eyesight isn't what it used to be either. I figure that since I'll be looking at the whole unit from about 3-4 feet away, all the detail would be lost anyway. (And there's the fact that I am a much better painter than I was back then too! HA HA.) (Of course, it's a good thing that bar was set pretty low.)

The really neat thing is that they match up very well with my hordes of Revell, Hat, Italeri, and Zevda miniatures. Huzzah! One regiment down. Brigades! I must have Brigades! (Creepy organ music swells to a cresendo, as the picture fades to black.)




abdul666 said...

Your joy and enthusiasm are communicative - and fully understandable, of course.

Best wishes,

Fitz-Badger said...

Cool :-)
I hope you will post pictures..

MurdocK said...


We want to see pictures!

good on you for sticking with your fave' Jack Scruby!

Bluebear Jeff said...

It might also be nice to post the URL of HistoriFigs on the side so that people can find it without a struggle. Here it is:

I've never seen any of their figures. How well would their Zulus and German Colonial troops look with some of Tom Meier's Ral Partha Brits?

-- Jeff

Stokes Schwartz said...

Hi Martin,

How about a photo or two of the regiment? It would be great to enjoy them vicariously with you.

Best Regards,


Snickering Corpses said...

I'll echo the cries for a photo or two. :)

Martin said...

Hi Jeff,

I think ol' Jack's figures would fit in pretty good with the Ral Partha castings, but then I've never been bothered by a one or two millimeter difference between figure lines. Patrick Lewis of the "Old School" site has a picture of some SYW figures in his picture files.

Mr. Mike Tabor, the owner of HistoriFigs, also has some sample packs available, so you can see them with the ol' Mark One Eyeball and determine if it would be desirable to order more, without having to break the bank or hock the silverware.

Thanks for posting their URL. I hope it sends a lot of business their way. This excellent line of miniatures came dangerously close to extinction once, it would be a shame if it happened again.

johnpreece said...

Isn't it a joy to finally egt your hands on all those toys we couldn't afford at the time?

Here in the UK Scruby always seemd to make more interesting types than we could buy here (anyone for tonkinese irregulars) but in those days of postal orders and shipping charges he might as well of been on the moon.

I have just started an army using the old British manufacturer Les Higgins, someone has resurrected the moulds over here. Eventually I hope to buy a 19c French army of Scruby figures in order to fight a French invasion of England in the 1860's.

I am enjoying the blog, thanks.


Martin said...

Hi John!

Thanks to everyone for their kind feedback. Our daughter Kate will be coming home this weekend from college, and I'll see if I can talk her into using her digital camera to take some shots of the Spitzen Polish Musketeers in their latest version. I feel like fellow wargamer Greg Horne. He latched onto some Stadden figures he had wanted forever, and when they finally arrived, he got nervous about doing a good job with them.

In the final analysis, the only ones we have to please are ourselves. I agree with Jeff, "Perfection is overrated. Get them painted and on the table!"