Sunday, August 17, 2008

Reality Intrudes

Where does the time get off to? I can't believe the last time I posted was back in the middle of June! My apologies to the entire group. I've really enjoyed seeing what everybody has been working on - gaming, painting, background stories, plot lines, and my occasional pithy comments. So what's been going on in this neck of the woods? Well, the gutting of the basement after the flood goes slowly, but it is going. I managed to sprain an ankle, while hauling some of the wooden framing upstairs. This, of course, slowed down the project even more. On the other hand, I got to do my Robert Newton/Long John Silver impression to my captive audience, as I tottered around on a pair of crutches. "Arrgh Jimlad! Who be the swab what put all this furniture in my way? Arrgh!" Sigh. Everyone's a critic.

Will and Drew, my two oldest boys, went to GenCon in Indy yesterday, and they brought back a ton of Sci/Fi and Fantasy stuff. (Two large bags and a knapsack loaded to the brims!) They had a great time this weekend and I understand that attendance was up from last year. Even the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra was getting into the mood. On Friday night they played a program based on selections of video game music. The boys enjoyed it quite a bit . I hope so. I understand that GenCon has filed for bankruptcy and the possibility of any future Cons being held is "iffy" at best. What a shame if it is true. It was nice having a major Con close to home, even if historical miniatures and games were next to non-existant. You never can tell when a clever game mechanism might rear its head, and be utilized by historical gamers. (Heh, heh, heh!)

Once I was able to hobble down the hallway and get to the computer desk, I spent a lot of time cruising the net. There is a lot of interesting topics and stuff out there. One of the sites this group might be interested in is They're a company that makes reenactment supplies and equipment. Click on to their "resources" section, and then on to their "links", and you will be introduced to the world of reenactors. Tons of information about the FIW, SYW, ARW, 1812, Civil War, etc.. Lots of pictures of uniforms, flags, historic locations. A lot of good stuff for wargamers to use. If you get a chance, check them out.

I see that Captain Bill has set to sea, so I'll close this post with a hearty, "Darby M'graw! Darby M'graw! Fetch aft the rum Darby!"


Capt Bill said...

Sorry to hears of all your woes, but glad to see your spirits are up an your back amonst us.
Best Regards...Bill

Bluebear Jeff said...


Welcome back . . . hopefully you'll be able to post on a less irregular basis from now on.

Hope that the ankle heals quickly.

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

I hope your ankle is doing better! And that the basement repair is proceeding to the point of having some cool gaming space.
Hope to see more here from you soon.

Stokes Schwartz said...

Arrrrgggg! Tie that scurvy dog to the yardarm! Arrrrrgggg! Hope you're on the mend. At least you've maintained a sense of humor, which always helps.

Best Regards,


A J Matthews said...

Robert Newton has a lot to answer for... ;)

Glad to see you're back, Martin, and sorry about your crocked ankle.

I wonder if you and I know some of the same people in FIW re-enacting? When I'm visiting my friends down near Indy I field as a grenadier with the 78th Frazer's Highlanders. The smell of gunpowder on the morning air... ;)

Martin said...

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your feedback. If a flooded basement and a sprained ankle are the worst things that ever happen to me...I'll be alright! I'm on the mend, and as part of the recovery therapy, I've taken a page from Stokes and dusted off my bicycle. I haven't been on one for every bit of twenty years. I survived the first ride, but there was a trio of turkey buzzards that kept gliding around, and I swear they looked disappointed when I went back into the house. Hummm...
A.J.: Was your bunch at Friendship for the "Lore of the Loughery" event? I thought I saw some Highlanders there. Yeah...there really is something about the smell of blackpowder. Unlike most of the members of my generation, I cannot blame Walt Disney or Davy Crockett for my interest in muzzleloaders. Back in the early '60's, my Granduncle Brady Meltzer showed my brothers and me his collection of firearms, swords, and pistols. It was like walking into Walt Whitman's description of the Armory in Springfield, Massachusetts. He had everything from a Brown Bess from the French and Indian War to a Krag-Jorgenson from the Spanish-American War! No reproductions - all originals. It made quite an impression upon a boy of six.