Thursday, November 19, 2009

Has It Been A Month Already?!

Well shoot! The ticker says its been a month since the last posting...and the ticker don't lie. I attended the "Muster On The Wabash" reenactment in Vincennes, and had quite a time. My brother and I talked to the fellow portraying Governor Harrison in between his presentations, and he said that since the bicentennial for the Battle of Tippecanoe is looming near, plans are underway for reenacting the whole campaign of the Wabash Valley starting next year and climaxing at the Battleground State Park. Very cool!

HUZZAH! My latest order of figures from HistoriFigs has arrived! The LeNoble Frei Jagers castings will become the Yaeger-Schnitzel Jagers, and what fine looking fellows they are too! The mounted Hussar will be painted up as a dashing aide-de-camp for General Lostin Der Wald. I liked the resolute look of the sample figures of Morgan's Riflemen and the Hunting Shirt Infantry from the Am. Rev. line as well, so (sigh) eventually regiments of them will have to be fielded. What amazes me is how well ol' Jack Scruby's work has held up as the years have rolled on. Although some might consider them "long in the tooth", when they're painted up and on the tabletop they can hold their own with anybody.

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