Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Looking For The High Command

Except for three regiments of HistoriFig Scruby infantry (two of them Lights) and one lonely Minifig casting of Lafaytte on his horse that I purchased lo these many years ago in my youth, the rest of my forces are plastic. Zvezda, Italeri, Revell, and some really long service Airfix American Revolution George Washington's Army compose the bulk of my forces. Much to my delight HaT Industrie will be releasing a SYW line soon that will rival their Napoleonic offerings, and I plan to purchase a boatload of 'em as soon as they're available. (Insert creepy organ music here.)

However...I'm really at a loss for mounted officers above the rank of Colonel that really look the part and fit in with the rest of the guys. You know Generals pointing, contemplating their next move, squinting through a spyglass, or looking at a map. I long to have Staff and Aides-de-Camp galloping about, etc. carrying out the directions of their superiors. HistoriFig currently offers only one mounted officer in their SYW range and he makes a great colonel. Sometime ago I ordered the Prussian General Set from the excellent fellows at DPC. They are great castings with next to no flash to clean up, and they looked good to me once they were painted up. Now normally, a millimeter or two of height difference doesn't bother me, but they are pretty beefy and tower over the rest of the troops. On the other hand, who would disobey a general that looks like he can pick you up and break you like a twig over his knee.

Old Glory might be a better fit, and I do like their Fred the Great casting...there's just something about the cane he's carrying. Their Brunswick figure is pretty impressive as well. I suppose that since a tricorne is a tricorne, their American Revoluion line may also provide some volunteers as well.

Push comes to shove, I may just have to bite the bullet and order from Minifig UK. Lafayette will be glad to see 'em.


Prince Lupus said...

How dot he Scrubys match up to the Revell? Are they 20mm or 25mm.

Love the blog BTW.


ColCampbell50 said...


The Old Glory are going to be as big as the RSM figures. From figures I have in my armies, I think your idea to go with MiniFigs would be best.


Martin said...

Hi Lupus & Col.,

The Scruby and Revell figures are not visually jarring when placed side by side. I generally keep them in separate units and from two or three feet away, the eye only registers the size of the units. Oddly enough, they also blend in well with the 20mm Napoleonic range from DPC.

My current order from GFI should arrive in a couple of days, and a Mark One Eyeball inspection will determine how the various figures stack up in relation to each other.
(My kids have offered to show me how to master the pixel camera and post the results on the blog. Stand by for developments!)

Garrison Figures (Greenwood & Ball) might also be a source to investigate, since they also have "Personality" figures. In a weird way the search would have come full circle, since Garrison authorized Jack Scruby to base his figures on their design back in the day.

Martin said...
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