Friday, September 10, 2010

Zvezda's Glorious Hussars Arrive In Raubenstadt

Ya-hooo! Well... the Markgraaf may be heading off to parts unknown, but recruitment continues on the Home Front. Today, two boxes worth of Zvezda's "Black Hussars" arrived from The Michigan Toy Soldier and Figure Company. They are outstanding! No flash, excellent poses, and two boxes (38 figures) enables you to eventually field one Grant sized unit of snazzy looking Light Cavalry, with some left over for any Frei-Hussaren squadrons that you may have visions of dancing in your head.

Check out "The Wars of Louis Quatorze" entry for 22 May, 2010. Bill shows the front and back of the box. The Pilfering Hussars of Raubenstadt will soon take the field, and the other nine I'll paint up as per David's picture of the Von Schill Hussars on his "Not By Appointment" blog. Alte Fritz has a link to some very snappy looking Prussian Hussars as well.

Any 18th Century Imagi-nation Ruler can recruit these lads with confidence (And they're easy on the ol' warchest). So...if your mounted branch is looking a little jaded and dowdy, a couple of regiments of these dashing fellows will lend a higher tone to any brawls your army may find itself in.

Cuirassiers! The Markgraaf needs Cuirassiers!


David said...

Splendid - look froward to seeing them in the Von Schill-style uniform! :-)



Conrad Kinch said...

Good news - I've been thinking of getting a set to finish off a unit of Revell Hussars.