Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Meanwhile...Back At The Ranch...

TWO MONTHS SINCE MY LAST POST? Where does the time get off to? Right after the Holidays hit, I had to help relocate Number 2 Son from here in Indiana to Mankato Minnesota during the worst snowstorm in a decade. What an experience! It was thankfully concluded without any fatalities, fenderbenders, or property damage. Sleeping on the floor of the Bus Terminal in Minneapolis for two nights due to the snow emergency in Chicago did not improve my outlook. But enough of the excuses of reality. What's been going on in Raubenstadt?!

Well...the short answer is, "Not much. I've been busy.", but some progress has been made in gutting and re-doing the basement, i.e. "Man Cave". Sometime in the Spring, I'll get a large dumpster and finish off ripping out the paneling and wooden battens. The idea is to get the walls back to bare concrete block and go from there. In my mind's eye, I already see the permanent wargame table, the shelves for the troops and reference books, and finally, the painting area. All with adjustable lighting. It's going to be everything I've imagined I've needed ever since I discovered wargaming back when Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth; and Raubenstadt will rise like a Phoenix from the soggy mess that was the last time the basement flooded. The Markgraaf has pinned his hopes on the battery powered back-up sump pump to keep things dry down there.

I promise not to let so much time elapse before my next post. I've been going through my wargaming library to get the creative juices flowing again, and I've got a few ideas...heh, heh, heh!


abdul666 said...

While the installation progresses, you can -as a kind of respite / escape- toy with idea and write...
Tell us about the fate of the Margrafin, of the (picaresque?) adventures of the Markgraaf and of Herr Von Mack - and what about Steiner?

Bluebear Jeff said...

Martin, if I can urge one detail for your game room . . . please be certain to have more than sufficient lighting.

I have been in too many game rooms (and conventions) where my old eyes had to strain to see things.

Make sure that you have the proper wiring and fixtures for good lighting. Remember that as we age, our eyes do not tend to improve.

-- Jeff